Allergy testing offers you a new treatment protocol to help address many of the most common reoccurring issues you see in your patients.  That constant cough, that reoccurring chest infection, that general malaise or run down feeling  … these might be the result of allergies.

Our allergy program is completely comprehensive.  We’ll explore with you and your staff what symptoms to look for in a patient that might need an allergy test; demonstrate how to test, and what to look for in the results.   If you need support at any time, we’re only a phone call or email away.  And if you have a challenging case and want a second opinion, or the chance to discuss it in detail, you can schedule a consultation with one of the countries leading sublingual allegery immunotherapy physicians, and Medical Resource Solutions Medical Advisor, Dr. Dean Mitchell.



Our testing is pain free and you can offer your patients relief from their allergies with SLIT therapy (sublingual immunization).  Via your e-script written in our electronic medical platform, your patients can receive their customized therapy, which they’ll self-administer once a day for a period of up to 4 years.  Within months, as their body builds up immunity to their allergen, their symptoms will begin to abate.


Medicare, Medicaid, and most Private Health Insurers cover allergy testing.  Now you can help eliminate your patient’s allergies while maintaining control of their care, all while participating in a new revenue stream for your practice.  As your patient improve, they’ll share their experience with their friends and family, increasing referrals of new patients.

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